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Katelyn Scism » Welcome to Mrs. Katelyn's Classroom!

Welcome to Mrs. Katelyn's Classroom!

My name is Katelyn Scism, and I am one of the Elementary teachers here at Conover. I am in my second year of teaching, after graduating from Appalachian State University. I have two dogs, Journey and Sadie, who I enjoy taking to the dog park almost daily. 
I am so excited to be at Conover School this year! The assistants in our classroom are Doreen Bailey, and Miroz Gamez. They are a great asset to our classroom, and together all three of us work daily to help your children succeed. 
Our classroom expectations are simple: do you best, every day. This applies to the students, the parents, and of course, myself. I expect the students to give me their best work and behavior, parents to do their best to support their child's education and to bring them to school each day ready to learn, and for myself to always be prepared and to make choices that are student centered.
My behavior plan is simple, and based around 2 things; love and relationships. I believe that if you have those 2 things in a classroom, the students will want to comply with directions, as a result of the relationship that you have built with them. Additionally I strongly adhere to positive reinforcements (praise for good behavior and choices) and natural consequences (such as if you knock over a tower of blocks out of frustration, you will have to pick them up before moving on to your next task.) 
Please contact me at any time if you have a question.
The school phone number is (828) 464- 9532.