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**S.I.T. Meetings are usually held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday afternoon of each month**
Our next meeting is tentatively scheduled for: 
October 24th @ 3pm

SIT TEAM 2017-2018
S.I.T. Members/Year Membership Began

Phyllis Pegram- Principal 2013

Josh Weese- Assistant Principal   2015

Elementary   Laura Buell 2017

Middle School   Hope Laird  2017

High School     Alesa Davis  2017 (Secretary)

Special Areas   Sandi Blevins  2016 (SIT CHAIR)

Teacher Assistants    Janet McMillian  2017

Parent Representative  Jule Dragstrem  2015

CONOVER SCHOOL SIP GOALS FOR 2016-2017: Our 2017-2018 SIP Goals are currently awaiting approval.
SMART Goal: Through the implementation of an updated school-wide PBIS process, Conover School staff and administration will appropriately place all students into the PBIS tiered model. Communication logs will be maintained to increase communication between staff and PBIS team; with Tier 3 communicating at least 36 times per school year, Tier 2 at least 18 times and Tier 1 as needed. Using these strategies will lead to a 25% reduction resulting in less than 24 referrals.    
SMARTGoal: 100% of staff will increase literacy activities in the classroom as measured by classroom data collection (reading chart) and classroom walk through data.    
SMART Goal: 100% of staff will do progress monitoring and data collection on IEP goals and extended Common Core standards at least 1 time per week. Data will be recorded on Google Doc. each week.