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Meet The Teacher

Hello my name is Hope Laird. I have been Special Education for 28 years. I moved from Pennsylvania seven years ago in 2009. At that time I began working at Conover School and continued to work there until June 2012. I loved working at Conover but was offered a position in a Cluster class in Catawba County so I made the decision to go back into an Elementary School similar to my teaching experience in Pennsylvania. My love for this school brought me back . Conover has been home to me and I am glad to be back. 
I would just like to share with you my expectations for my classroom this year. It is very important that you look at your child's communication book daily. We often receive papers we need you to sign in a timely matter. If transportation home for your child changes I need to be notified by 1:00 this is not only my request but the principals. If your child is absent, I need an excuse note the day he or she returns Whether it is from the doctor or yourself it is required by our district.
Here is my email address and school phone number if you ever need me. 
 Email -
 School phone number - 828-464-9532