S.I.T. Meetings are held on the 3rd Friday afternoon of each month

SIT Team 2023-2024

S.I.T. Members/Year Membership Began

  • Joshua Weese- Principal 2020

  • Pre-K            Kayla Sigmon 2021

  • Elementary   Rochelle Washam 2023

  • Middle School   Maribel Renteria 2022 (Secretary)

  • High School     Rebecca Schaeffer 2021 

  • Special Areas   Sandi Blevins 2022

  • Teacher Assistant    Margaret Bush 2021 (Chair)

Conover School SIP Goals for 2023-2024

Teachers will use data from IEP goal progress, standards-aligned benchmark assessments, diagnostic assessments, and formative assessments to drive personalized instruction.

All staff will respond appropriately to maintain a safe and respectful school environment and will follow all Developmental Day regulations to maintain a 5-star rating.

Teachers will receive personalized, ongoing feedback to improve their instructional practice.