Welcome to the speech department! This year we continue to work on promoting functional communication, integrating communication supports within the classroom and educational setting, and helping our staff to feel comfortable and confident using communication supports with our students. We also work to assist in supporting safe eating and meal times for our students, and collaborating with our therapy teams, classroom staff, and any necessary outside agencies assisting our students to have safe meals during their school day.

Sandi Blevins::

Hi there! I am the lead SLP for the school district, and the Assistive Technology lead and point of contact. I have been working as a speech-language pathologist for 17 years, and I have been working at Conover School since February 2016. I started out in another profession (nursing), but I have loved my career path and setting since making that switch 20 years ago; these students have my heart. I have extensive experience in working with alternative and augmentative communication (AAC) devices, and have made it my focus to assist in establishing something for our students to use to functionally communicate and express their wants and needs, as well as participate in their education. I have worked in both California and North Carolina, and have worked with students across the various age groups and settings. I love the beach, and in my “free time” I spend time with my husband and our two cats.

Katie Fanti::

Hi! My passion is working with students who have diverse abilities to establish and develop a functional means of communication. I love working with students at Conover School and having the opportunity to collaborate with staff/related services to meet the students' needs and promote skill acquisition with their communication skills. I strive to structure my therapy sessions in a relative, functional, and fun manner. 

Rachael Beebe::

Hi! This is my 2 nd year at N-CCS and I’m thrilled to be serving NC Pre-K students here at Conover School. I love to incorporate books, games, and toys into my sessions, and help students to be an active participant in achieving their speech goals.